Strange Pub Names

Top Ten Strangest UK Pub Names

Pubs in the UK are known for having weird and wonderful names to attract the local riff-raff, but some pubs take their names to a whole new level. Here is our collection of our top ten strangest pub names.


10. The Skiving Scholar

This small pub located in Plymouth is aptly situated right outside the Plymouth University main campus. Its part of the popular North Hill route of pubs and is the venue to many live bands where skiving University students pass their weekdays getting drunk.


9. My Father's Moustache

This oddly named pub is located in Louth, Lincolnshire. Not a lot of information available on the pub, including the inspiration of the name.


8. Bunch of Carrots

This popular pub and restaurant is named after a nearby rock formation which apparently resembles a bunch of carrots. This pub can also boast (at least at the time of writing) being the only pub in the UK with carrots in title. Score.

7. The Quiet Woman

At the time of writing this former pub is now run as a bed and breakfast with the same name. The inn is said to have been named after a woman called Juthware who was decapitated in the nearby church by her brother. Her body reportedly picked up her severed head and placed it upon the alter before finally dying. Her ghost is alleged to haunt the area on All Saints Day.

6. The Cat and Custard Pot

Surprisingly, there are two pubs with this name. One is in Kent and claims that its name derived from a spelling mistake and was previously the Cat and Mustard Pot. The other is situated in Gloucester, and its name is apparently derived from the book “Handley Cross or Mr. Jorrocks Hunt”

5. The Three Legged Mare

This pub situated in York actually refers to a hangman’s gallows and not a lame horse as some may first suspect, however this does not prevent the locals from referring to the pub as the “Wonkey Donkey”. The pub is known for its fine selection of real cask ales. 

4. The Fawcett Inn

This pub is clearly named for comical purposes the Facwett Inn because when spoken out loud it sounds like “force it in”. Located in Portsmouth in the UK, the pub is known for live bands and DJs.

3. The Leg of Mutton and Cauliflower

This old pub in Surrey has had many names in its 300 year old history. At the moment however they seem to be resting on the rather random Leg of Mutton and Cauliflower. The pub also provides food.

2. The Old Thirteenth Cheshire Astley Volunteer Rifleman Corps Inn

This rather elongated name actually has the honour of also being the longest pub name in Britain. Probably and justifiably shortened to simply “the pub” by the locals, this pub is located in Stalybridge, which also coincidentally is the location of the shortest pub name in Britain as well, the Q Inn.

1. The Bucket of Blood

Located in Cornwall, this pub purportedly got its name when hundreds of years ago the then owner went to the local well to fetch water but instead found the bucket to be full of blood. Upon investigation, there was a mutilated body at the bottom of the well. The pub was allegedly often frequented by local smugglers and robbers and even has its own collection of local ghosts!



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